Current situation in the world demands PES, like any other school, takes a challenge oriented innovative education policy, e learning for the New Academic year 2020-2021.

    This is enforced from KG-1 to class 12 using various methods practices and actions according to the age group and educational requirements to meet the skill and creativity of all the students at all different levels


  • ZOOM as the software virtual live classroom is conducted.
  • Slides, Power point presentation Digital texts and various technologies are used
  • A notebook is used for regular Zoom class notes.
  • Children will have to download, take print of certain Assignments and worksheets and do it and submit to the teachers according to their instructions.

  • Students are required to have a Laptop or Tab or Smart phone for this purpose.
  • Students are supposed to join the session using the username and password given by the teacher.
  • Do not share username and password with anyone.
  • Dress appropriate for the session.
  • Parents have to make sure students join the class at the correct time.{NOT LATE}.
  • Parents have to monitor the misuse of the system and digital appliance.
  • They have to follow up the studies of students
  • Parents have to find a suitable place in their home for the child to work without any distractions and where they can monitor their ward.
  • Classes are held from 8am to 1:30pm.It is divided in to 40 minutes period and break is provide between every period. This helps to maintain the mental and physical health of the child and protect their eyes from over use of digital media.
  • The break is used for having breakfast or snacks and drinking water & stretch & exercise their body and eyes.
  • Children are required to play and exercise in order to be safe from continuous use of computers or mobile
  • Video should be switched on always when a class is going on or they will be marked absent.
  • Audio should be muted when class begins .It can be switched on to answer the questions asked by the teacher or to clear doubts only.
  • Students are not allowed to communicate through the chat box
  • Attendance shall be taken by the class teacher/ subject teachers which shall be a criterion for internal assessments.
  • Any difficulty that the students face can be reported to the Class teacher.
  • Class teacher in turn will report the section in charge
  • KG.. Mrs. Esther Praiseena
  • Classes 1to3.. Mrs. Lakshmi Raman
  • Classes 4&5. Mrs. Anu Thomas
  • Classes 6 to 10. Mrs. Neera Raveendran
  • Classes 11 &12.Mrs Anie Philip