Primary School

At this stage we teach a more structured form of subjects along with optional languages.

Classes I & II

English, Arabic, Math, U.A.E Social Studies, Science, 2nd Language (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam,Telugu) Environmental Science, Moral Science/Islamic Studies Computer Studies

Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (As suggested by ICSE for (Class – III to V) This system of Continuous Evaluation is a clear shift of emphasis from evaluating the learner’s performance in examination to holistic assessment of the learner’s overall achievements. This is aimed to reduce examination stress and anxiety experienced by the students. Prizes are awarded for extra-curricular activities and also for the student’s personal behavior and attitude.

Subjects – Classes III, IV & V

English, Arabic, Social Studies, Science, Math, 2nd Language (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam) Environmental Science, UAE Social Studies, Moral Science/Islamic Studies & Computer Studies