System & Curriculum

Progressive English School, aims to impart skills and values for excellence in all realms of life in an environment of personal attention. Well qualified and experienced teachers monitor children’s progress. The assessment is communicated to the parents regularly. Special classes and series of examinations are conducted to enable the students to come out successfully in the ICSE & ISC examinations.

Progressive English School follows International systems. These systems focus on student learning outcomes, adopting highly academic criteria, effective teaching and learning methodologies, and emphasizing the development of student attitudes, values and skills to effectively participate as contributing members of their communities. The system adopts a coherent selection of well published textbooks that are carefully chosen to help the school achieve the advanced academic standards it aims for.

Teaching Methodology

At Progressive, we teach using the unit planning technique. Our teachers start the teaching process by planning effectively using the Common Core standards that are incorporated across the subjects. Each subject is planned to include cross curricular activities in the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music.

The teachers use a variety of direct instruction, activity based, co-operative and mostly experiential. All of these techniques incorporate differentiation.

The experiential teaching can be a variety of the following: field trips, inquiry, Predict Observe Explain, concept formation, and role play. Teachers make adjustments in instruction based techniques based on feedback from students. The idea is to keep students focused and involved in learning; for students to be continually involved in learning activities which requires resourcefulness on the part of the teacher.

Co-operative learning sometimes called small-group learning, is an instructional strategy in which small groups of students work together on a common task. The task can be as simple as solving a multi-step math problem together, or as complex as developing a design for a new kind of school. In some cases, each group member is individually accountable for part of the task; in other cases, group members work together without formal roles assigned. Successful group learning incorporates the following: Positive interdependence, Face-to-face interaction, Individual and group accountability, Group behaviors.

Monitoring progress of students: The teachers assess the students and monitor their progress by informal and formal assessments done within the classroom, science room and Information technology room. These are a combination of quizzes, unit activities, and end of term written assessments. With assessments and monitoring, some students reward. The students who have met the standards are given extension, work whilst the teacher works with students who still need help (differentiation). If the concept is not reached by most of the students in a class, the teacher engages in a re-teach program where the concept is taught with a different approach.

Co - Curriculum

  • We have immense pleasure to inform you that our school was the winner in the Royal Spelling BEE National Level Competition.
  • We won covetous prizes for the Drawing and Painting Interschool Competitions Organized by YMCA-BALARAMA
  • All Rounder Quiz Contest Winners
  • Essay Writing Prizes
  • Music – U.A.E level winners in solo and group song
  • Events:
  • Co-curricular Activities play a vital role in tapping / spotting talents, nurturing them as well as help in building the traits of the young minds in the hope that they might one day pursue this polished talent as their career in future.
  • Science and art exhibitions are conducted to tap the potentials of the young minds and motivate their creative skills.
  • Sports & Games

    The school runs with a motto of ‘sports-for-all’ and it is evidently based on competitive sports. It ultimately teaches discipline and obedience. Aiming at the all-round personality development, it makes the students alert and tactful apart from making them mentally and physically fit. Parents’ support and students’ enthusiasm help the school achieve better heights and strides every year in the school records.

  • Uniform and its accessories are sold at School store. Parents are strictly advised to purchase uniform from the school only.
  • Regular Uniform to be worn on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Sports Uniform to be worn on Tuesday and on days of sports activity.